What is Sherlock and how is it transforming data management?

With Sherlock, you can achieve the next level of digital transformation. Sherlock enables you to consolidate and integrate data from all the different sources.

Break down data silos to make data available to internal and external stakeholders in a customized manner. Boost your data integration and achieve a entirely new perspective on your business information with Sherlock.

Sherlock in 1 Minute

Sherlock achieves guaranteed efficiency in information management

Solution for complex quoting

By making it much easier to link and provide the required positions, the complex quotation process was shortened from up to 6 months to just a few weeks. This resulted in an efficient quotation process 

Solution for managing hundreds of thousands vendor tools intelligently

orca is a platform to consolidate hundreds of thousands of tools with data from the purchasing department, asset management, tool management, contractors and stakeholders in the supply chain. The supply chain has consequently become transparent.

Solution for new digital business models in days instead of months

With Sherlock, allsafe was able to implement new digital business models which were previously out of scope and feasible.  

Solution to speed up the commissioning of beverage plants faster

By intelligently linking all relevant data as a single point of truth, the commissioning of the plants could be reduced from 3 weeks to one week.

Solution for sustainable, digital supply chain management

Sherlock offers the ideal solution for digital, sustainable supply chain management. Through a 360-degree overview, it is possible to break down data silos and make important information accessible. Processes along the value chain become visible and easy to optimize.

Who needs Sherlock?

I want to know more about Sherlock for

Big Data

Sherlock manages not only Big Data, but it also ensures an intelligent linking and processing. Thus, a new quality of knowledge and the corresponding communication is created.

data integration

Sherlock is a cross-system platform which breaks data silos and intelligently links them with each other. This allows you to avoid complex interfaces and automate the delivery of your information.


With Sherlock, you receive a clear, cross-system view of your data. The intuitive interfaces simplify data modeling and assist in building data transformation and data enrichment

State-of-the-art technology
in use

Sherlock as a cloud technology makes your data available for individual usability. This makes your business “ready for AI” and you will never have to concern about performance.

What Sherlock users talk about

„Sherlock allows us to link data silos in a very simple way. In one specific case, we enable our engineers to build (highly complex) custom 3D models based on a product portfolio during the quotation process.”  


Jürgen Abraham,
Digital Business Officer
(Handelsblatt 17.12.2019)

„With Sherlock, we are able for the first time to access all the data we need for our digital value propositions via a unified interface. This means that business models can now be realized that we had been elaborating for some time, but which were out of reach for us as a medium-sized business.  

Right now, for example, we are building an intelligent, very comprehensive model of our customer segments with Sherlock that will be the operating foundation for our future web services. We look forward to further projects with Fischer Information Technology AG“ 

Christoph Pingel 
Project Manager Digital Products

These companies trust in Sherlock

This is how Sherlock operates.

Sherlock sustainably break your data silos and is guaranteed to make your information management more agile. Your existing data sources are connected to Sherlock and the information is linked together. Then, the data is visible in the channels and output to the target groups you want to serve individually. By implementing Sherlock, you can develop any type of application in a few days. Sherlock makes thinking about your use cases a pure pleasure.

That's why Sherlock

  • Fast and uncomplicated implementation while maintaining your existing system environment. Sherlock builds the consistent, consolidated basis for your data and information management.
  • Easy and collaborative working along the value chain and beyond. All data is linked smartly, is easy to use and gives you a whole new view of your data assets. Thereby everything comes from one “data hand”
  • Automation level and therefore strong reduction of manual failures. Highly qualified employees can concentrate more on productive tasks again.
  • Latest and accurate availability of all relevant business information for your internal and external users. Anytime, where, and as they need it.
  • Faster project timeframes and therefore a quicker time-to-market thanks to manageable and plannable project costs. The result: a fast ROI.
  • Faster synergy effects in a mergers & acquisitions, more efficient onboarding of suppliers, products, employees, partners and regions.

What Sherlock is able to handle!


Transfer your data conveniently via predefined interfaces.


Access to published data via a standardized API and reduce the risk of multiple interfaces.

via drag & drop

Intuitive interfaces simplify data modeling of the information models.

access rights &
cyber security

Who can see your data? Configure viewing rights and much more.

of information

Keep your data under control with comprehensive reporting.

data integration

Rule-based mechanisms for normalizing and linking your data.

This is how easy it is for us to implement Sherlock -
and we are pleased to do so for you

Do you know the 3-2-1 problem? Turn it into a 1-2-3 success. With Sherlock, never invest 3 million again, wait 2 years and end up with only 1 new report. 


We identify your source systems and integrate them – based on your major supply chain challenges – to suit your requirements and needs.


We define and configure your information models and target applications.


You are now using your new “Data brain”. 1-2-3 success: that’s how simple modern enterprise information management is. Manual data integration is history.

36 years



More than 300

Digital transformation is the key to success as a company in the future. We are absolutely convinced of this. That is why we accompany and support our customers in ensuring and reinforcing the market position by combining state-of-the-art technologies and innovative capabilities.

This enables us to face the challenges of our customers in their industries with quickly implementable and sustainable solutions. We solve challenges with passion and innovative solutions. The needs of our customers, employees, partners, and suppliers are our daily motivation.

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