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complex quoting

By simplifying the connection and publishing of the required items, the complex quotation process could be reduced from up to 6 months to a few weeks. This has created an efficient quotation process.

The Voith Group manufactures special paper machines which can be several
hundred meters long.

The challenge was to reduce quotation times, as there is a large number of configuration options in special machine manufacturing with a production of size 1. For the quotation process, this means that a lot of information has to be collected from different source systems, which results in a high level of manual effort and the corresponding personnel retention.

With the implementation of Sherlock, a solution was established to easily and quickly access all the required information in an app and to configure and display the machines as a 3D model in the quotation and development process.

By using Sherlock, the quotation time can be reduced from several months to only a few weeks. In addition, Voith can now use a digital twin for flexible configuration in order to provide their customers with a virtual tour of the machine environment. In addition, it is possible to perform live configuration during presentations. This means that less prototypes have to be built, thus reducing the costs, time and personnel requirements when preparing a quotation. In addition, the satisfaction of the customers increases, as long waiting times are avoided.

New digital business models with Sherlock.
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Jürgen Abraham about Sherlock

“Sherlock allows us to link data silos in a very simple way. In one specific case, we enable our engineers to build (highly complex) custom 3D models based on a product portfolio during the quotation process.”


Jürgen Abraham
Digital Business Officer
Handelsblatt 17.09.2019

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