Solution to manage
hundreds of thousands
of supplier tools

Orca is a platform to consolidate hundreds of thousands of tools with data from purchasing, asset accounting, tool management, contractors and supply chain stakeholders.

On the basis of Sherlock, processes were implemented to enable secured inventory with a five-digit number of users on our SaaS platform. This has made the supply chain transparent.

Sherlock solves global data integration project

With Orca, a platform has been established to smartly manage hundreds of thousands of tools, providing high availability and security.

  • Tools worth multiple billions of euros must be managed transparently
  • If 10% of the tools cannot be located, this may affect the annual business profit, as they would have to be purchased again.
  • If tools have been moved to another country and cannot be located, this can cause tax evasion charges.
  • Certification by the auditors may be delayed.
  • Global data integration project with the objective of obtaining full transparency and control in the inventory of tools
  • Solution designed for high performance with large amounts of data and high number of users.
  • High availability of 99.95%, due to redundancy of the system, the service is always available.
  • High security through encryption of communications and time-limited authorization codes for system access.
  • With Sherlock and the orca platform built on top of it, the challenge mentioned above could be implemented in just a few months at a large automobile manufacturer. The project was planned to be implemented in a period of 2 years, but this was reduced to just a few months.
  • Fast ROI: Orca reduces manual tasks by up to EUR 15,000,000 for existing customers and millions of euros in recurring tasks.

New digital business models with Sherlock.
Also in your industry?

Your company data is spread across many different source systems and you want to connect them? With Sherlock, you have one system that allows you to access and connect all your data. In our use cases, we show you how other industries use Sherlock.

Sherlock in der Automobilindustrie

Automotive industry

Burkhard Grosche

Sherlock has proven itself as the basis for orca and I would make the decision for Fischer as a partner again. The struggle for the best solution and the high quality distinguish Fischer. The journey has only just begun, I am glad to have Fischer on board.

Burkhard Grosche
Managing Partner of orca

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